Kobulov, Amayak Zakharovich

   Like his brother Bogdan Kobulov, Amayak Kobulov was brought into the senior leadership of the NKVD by Lavrenty Beria in 1938. With no experience in foreign intelligence, he was sent to Germany as NKVD rezident in 1939 and served there until the outbreak of World War II. Veteran intelligence officers stated that Kobulov was an incompetent intelligence chief who added to the confusion in Moscow surrounding German intentions. Following the assignment to Berlin, Kobulov served as security chief in Uzbekistan and deputy chief of the gulag system, He was promoted to lieutenant general in July 1945. Like his brother, he was arrested the day after Beria’s fall in July 1953. He was tried for treason in October 1954 and shot the following year.
   See also Barbarossa.

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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